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Opening the Doors of Advent


No one knows better than altar guild members that Advent is a season of preparation. As we prepare our homes and churches for the great celebration of Christmas, we open many doors — not unlike our Advent calendars. We open attic doors to retrieve special Christmas decorations. We open shop doors to purchase gifts for friends and family. We open oven doors to bake cookies and roast turkeys to delight our loved ones.

There is one more important door to open in Advent: the door to our hearts. If we are to celebrate the incarnation fully, we must prepare our hearts and minds as well as our hearths and altars. Advent is a time to throw back any bolts of doubt or lingering resentments or feelings of worthlessness, and in faith open the door of our hearts to let the love of God come in, and complete the celebration.

The last doors of Advent to open are those to your parish church on Christmas Eve. God willing, we will be able to open them this year. If not, though, we can open the virtual doors. Either way, on that most holy night, open them wide and step through with open heart and open mind. Sing again the songs of wonder; hear again the good tidings of great joy, and receive the mysterious, marvelous gifts of God which await you just behind the doors.

~ The Rev. Laurence G. Byrne

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