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Can Advent teach us how to wait?

The season of Advent is upon us, the season of the church year when we are waiting for the birth of the Christ child. Can this season of waiting teach us how to wait the rest of the year? What about waiting  for a red light to change to green, for dinner to be ready, for a response to a text? Or the dreaded waiting room at a medical office, followed by another wait for the doctor to arrive in the exam room.? The agony of waiting is dependent upon how important the end result is to us. It can be agonizing, or even turn into a yearning. 

In her book, What Are You Waiting For?, Christine McSpadden offers some questions to ask. They may just lead you to a new way of waiting, and a discovery that God is with you in the waiting room:

What are you waiting for? Why are you waiting? How are you waiting? Where are you waiting? Who is waiting with you? When do you think the wait may be over?

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