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Recently I was asked “Do you still do needlepoint?” The next question was “Why?” This started me thinking — why, indeed, do I still do canvaswork when I now am a senior citizen with the usual arthritic aches and pains, especially in my hands [...]

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Imagine how it would be to find yourself on a barge or a freighter on Christmas morning without your family and the joy of opening gifts [...]


Questions are often asked regarding the need for or purpose of a diocesan altar guild. You will be surprised how many resources you can provide [...]


Projects will be offered for beginning to advanced knitters and beginning to intermediate quilters [...]


What is the protocol for using colored embroidery on linens? Where should the inscription go on vessels or paraments? Send us your questions and we’ll find the answers [...]


Learn authentic old world techniques in fine hand embroidery [...]


We are pleased to offer links to websites of particular interest to altar guilds [...]

The renewal of a hand-appliqued Trinitarian symbol for an altar frontal orignally created in the mid-sixties

As suppliers of fine quality textile appointments since 1789, Wippell has enormous experience in handling all sorts of fabrics, trimmings and embellishments, and we pass on the stewardship of these various pieces to the altar guild team, who care for them in a most generous way [...]


Do you have an ordination coming up and want to make a present? What could be better than a stole? It doesn’t matter if you cross-stitch, needlepoint, embroidery, weave or paint, or quilt [...]


Would you like to stitch kneelers for your church? There is no joy to compare with putting our own work down in the church, to be there long after we are gone [...]