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Tips from a top florist on how to create magnificent church flower arrangements without breaking the bank [...]


The Episcopal Church’s most important liturgical season is the one that starts on Shrove Tuesday and ends on Easter Sunday — filled with liturgical music, altar flowers (or lack thereof), vestments and altar cloths that reflect the passion, suffering, mystery and, ultimately, the ecstasy of the Christ [...]

Whimsical sea elements in arrangement for hom sideboard or entry hall

Designing flower arrangements for our altars is a very special call. But when communion is being served, the celebrant and others need room to bless and administer the sacrament without interference from the arrangements around it [...]


Epiphany is so soon after Christmas that often your plants are still usable. Epiphany asks for white and gold, a nice change after the reds of Christmas, but any color goes since the liturgical one is green. It’s a good season to train new, and veteran, members [...]


Holy week requires a diversity of arrangements in just one week [...]