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When we offer ourselves to serve at the altar, we are offering ourselves to God as a living prayer. The sun is up by the time I begin the Great Thanksgiving, but my prayer does not end with the Amen; it continues with the awareness of God’s love and offering myself through the day […]

Most gracious Father Who has called me Your child to serve […]

O Lord, let me be a pillar of strength […]

Three prayers to bless your guild and the work that you do […]

This prayer, based on the Lord’s Prayer, is a good way to start your meetings […]

A meditation from Anthony deMello’s “Book of Spiritual Exercises” [..]

Two prayers for Lent […]

We are pleased to offer links to websites of particular interest to altar guilds […]

Most of us are blessed to be able to worship with lovely linens and vestments, but some parishes are unable to provide altar linens at all. NAGA’s Mission Supply Ministry supplies altar linens to parishes in need […]

Little Dresses for Africa sends dresses for girls up to 9-years-old living in orphanages in Malawi and other parts of Central Africa where the need is huge. The patterns are not complicated […]

Years ago I was challenged by members of the congregation over an issue I call “Holy Waste.” As things like this often happen in congregations, it all started innocently enough […]

To paraphrase Churchill, art is influenced by the culture in which it is created and then influences the culture that follows. And vestments speak volumes about who we are, how we see ourselves and where we are heading as the people of God […]

The Episcopal Church’s most important liturgical season is the one that starts on Shrove Tuesday and ends on Easter Sunday — filled with liturgical music, altar flowers (or lack thereof), vestments and altar cloths that reflect the passion, suffering, mystery and, ultimately, the ecstasy of the Christ […]

As suppliers of fine quality textile appointments since 1789, Wippell has enormous experience in handling all sorts of fabrics, trimmings and embellishments, and we pass on the stewardship of these various pieces to the altar guild team, who care for them in a most generous way […]

The ministry of the altar guild makes me think of beauty. Our ancient forbearers said that the purpose of life is to know “the good, the true and the beautiful.” Sometimes we are vaguely apologetic for the “trappings” of the church, yet beauty is indispensable […]