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A form of servant ministry that is a good fit with Maundy Thursday worship is the washing and drying of dirty clothes. “Laundry Love,” a ministry begun in an Episcopal congregation in Ventura, CA [...]


What? The whims of fad and fashion enter the church? Sure, did and does. Even in the church, styles change with passing centuries and the adaptations needed to perform the liturgy [...]


‘How do I go forth and spread the good news?’ ‘How has the Holy Spirit guided me in my ministry?’ ‘Does the way I live show forth my belief and relationship with God?’ [...]

Theotokos of Valdimir, 12th Century

The tradition of Christian icons began in the Roman catacombs of the early church, with roots that can be traced back to Egyptian sarcophagus portraits. An icon represents the Word of God as image; it is theology depicted in line and color, and is therefore called icon “writing” [...]


To paraphrase Churchill, art is influenced by the culture in which it is created and then influences the culture that follows. And vestments speak volumes about who we are, how we see ourselves and where we are heading as the people of God [...]


Because the Easter Vigil begins in darkness, one of the most powerful symbols is the lighting of a new fire [...]


This pattern takes a bit of practice, but looks like the ones we used to get when we were young [...]


The name candle comes from the Latin candere meaning “to shine.” While no date can be definitely pinned down for the development of the first candle, accounts of their use date back to ancient times with Biblical references as early as the 10th century BC [...]


Palm Sunday is over, but what is to be done with those leftover consecrated palms? [...]