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Triennial Planning Is Underway

As we move our sights to the 2018 National Altar Guild Association Triennial meeting in Austin, Texas, we have been reflecting on… “send us out to do the work you have given us to do.” (BCP Rite II). We will have many resources to help us advance our ministry, in particular serving as the Altar Guild for General Convention every day. “Sending” will be our overall theme and, with the help of speakers, workshops and hands on activities, our time together will focus on the “Three L’s of Leadership.”

Listen How can we be more effective leaders? We will have opportunities to listen to what other altar guilds are doing to help you develop and enhance yours. We will listen to what God is sending you to do.

Look How can we improve our own spiritual commitment? We will look at how others prepare their altar guilds for service and develop our own leadership toolbox and share our skills.

Learn How can we be more fulfilled in living our own “sending” of this ministry we have chosen? We will spend our time together in fellowship, sharing ideas to build up our knowledge and spiritual goals.


Free Laundry from 4-7! 

“Laundry Love,” a ministry begun in an Episcopal congregation in Ventura, CA, has inspired communities around the country to celebrate Maundy Thursday in a community laundromat as an important aspect for either community ministry or worship on Maundy Thursday…


History of Vestments, Part I

What? The whims of fad and fashion enter the church? Sure, did and does. Even in the church, styles change with passing centuries and the adaptations needed to perform the liturgy


Shining a Light on Candle Stubs

The lighting of candles in worship goes back over 3,000 years into the history of ancient Israel. They symbolize the dual divinity and humanity of Christ, while also providing illumination of the missal and the Altar.  But can do you do with all those old candle stubs..?


Connect with NAGA  

Membership Dues Are Now Due. NAGA depends on dues to produce the Epistle and provide speakers and workshops at our triennial meetings. If you have not done so already, please use this form to renew now. If you aren’t already a member, learn more about NAGA and join us today.

Order your Epistle in living color. Send your e-mail address to David Hawley-Lowry.

We are happy to share your altar guild newsletter on our website. Please send a PDF of the current issue to our webmaster Betty Hinchman.

Who are your current Provincial and Diocesan Altar Guild Directors? Please send current contact information to David Hawley-Lowry or Lynn Hendricks.

Please contact our President, Lynn Hendricks, if you would like her join you for a diocesan gathering or other event.