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Finding the Joy in Lent

We’ve all lived through a few Lents, trying to do all the right things…more Bible study, less chocolate…more quiet prayer, less chaos. But those of us on altar guild may feel we are missing the heart of Lent; the focus on being still and creating a space for God — a place where holiness can happen.

Lent and Easter are the most intense time for altar guilds. Beginning with Ash Wednesday we experience 5 weeks of extra services until Holy Week …all powerful services and full of so much work! By Easter we have washed and ironed dozens of linens, polished all the silver and brass, not to mention candles and changing the hangings. We hardly have time to experience joy.

During this Lenten and Easter season stop and take a moment, focus on being, to invite God to do the work of holiness in you — and feel the joy of doing the work we have been given to do!


Altar Guild and Liturgical Space

Most liturgical ministries are carried out in a very public way, for the entire congregation to see. The altar guild, however, is different. Most of the altar guild’s work happens in the days between Sunday and Sunday when no one is there to see. My thanks to Jane Mercer, a member of that altar guild, who invited me to share excerpts from my book, Celebrating the Eucharist, to highlight the importance of every altar guild’s ministry…

How We Came to Serve: Two Stories

I remember being about nine or ten before I could go with my mother to help with her altar guild duties at Christ the King Episcopal Church in Orlando, FL. I had asked, or rather begged, so many times, always receiving the same answer: “When you are older”…


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