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Triennial Update

We now have a wonderful schedule in place and have made our initial contacts and reservations for our meeting. We will be within easy walking distance of  the Austin Convention Center where we have a suitable location for the sacristy and plenty of room for all our supplies. Registration forms and schedule of events will be posted online soon.

Our time together will focus on “The 3 L’s of Leadership.” We will have speakers, workshops, and hands-on activities planned around the 3L’s…

Listen to others about ways we can be more effective leaders; listen to things that “work” for other altar guilds, how to develop workable systems for your guild. Listen for ways to be open and willing to explore innovative ideas. Listen to what God is sending you to do.

Look for ways to improve our own spiritual commitment; look at how others prepare their altar guilds for service and for ways to develop our own leadership toolbox and share our skills.

Learn to be effective and fulfilled in living our own “sending,” the work (ministry) we have chosen to be a part of by building up our knowledge and spiritual goals.


Symbolism in the Episcopal Church

Ever notice that some things that are the same in various churches and others different or unique in each place. And the symbols — what do they mean; why are they there (or only in one church and not another)?…

History of Vestments, Part II

In the time just before the English Reformation, there were many vestments in use: cassock (fur lined for cold churches,), amice, cincture, surplice, tippet, alb (originally an undergarment), fiddleback chasuble, stole, cope, oracle (the short cape popes wear), miter, dalmatic of the deacon, and the tunicle of the subdeacon…


Connect with NAGA  

Membership Dues Are Now Due. NAGA depends on dues to produce the Epistle and provide speakers and workshops at our triennial meetings. If you have not done so already, please use this form to renew now. If you aren’t already a member, learn more about NAGA and join us today.

Order your Epistle in living color. Send your e-mail address to David Hawley-Lowry.

Invite NAGA to your next gathering. Please contact our President, Lynn Hendricks, if you would like her join you for a diocesan gathering or other event.

Share your insights with others. We are happy to share your altar guild newsletter on our website. Please send a PDF of the current issue to our webmaster Betty Hinchman.

Who’s Who? Who are your current Provincial and Diocesan Altar Guild Directors? Please send current contact information to David Hawley-Lowry or Lynn Hendricks.