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Journey with Jesus in 2021


Get out your planners and mark the dates for NAGA’s next Triennial meeting in Baltimore — July 4–8, 2021. Yes, we know that it’s almost two years away, but think how those years will fly. And, by the header, you can see that we’ve chosen our theme for 2021. In 2018, in Austin, we were sent out. Now we continue on that journey, but with a guide, one who leads and shapes our lives as Christians, Our Lord, Jesus Christ. And to that end, we have selected our keynote speaker (TBA) and are working on the balance of the program, including an extremely special and fruitful field trip. If there is anything you feel it would be valuable to include in our time together, please email Albe Larsen.


Epiphany House Blessings

It has been a tradition at St. Andrew’s, Emporia, Kansas to bless chalk at the Masses for Epiphany, and the faithful then take home the chalk to mark a blessing over the doors of their houses…

Chalices, Chasubles & Christ

Altar guild members from across the Diocese of Colorado gathered together on September 14 in what was the first-in-a-very-long-time, if not the first-ever, gathering of altar guilds in this Diocese…

Eucharist for the Sick

I once overheard an altar guild training. The leader was reminding our new members that the same care must be taken with the linens used for the home communion taken to sick and shut-in members of the parish…

Disaster Communion Kits

Should fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake or epidemic leave your parish unable to host Eucharist, NAGA will provide a free Disaster Communion Kit. If you need a kit please contact Joan Konecny (or 936-870-5781). Click the link above for a video on how to assemble them.


Connect with NAGA

Seeking Representative for Province IX. Keep Province members up-to-date on what’s happening in other altar guilds around the church, and inform other altar guild members on what’s happening in Province IX.  Attend the NAGA Triennial in Baltimore in 2021 and network with other altar guilds members from the Episcopal church. For more information, contact Dianne Walters.

Membership. NAGA depends on dues to produce the Epistle and provide speakers and workshops at our triennial meetings. If you aren’t already a member, learn more about NAGA and join us today.

Order your Epistle in living color. Send your e-mail address to Donna Anderson.

Invite NAGA to your next gathering. Please contact our President, Dianne Walters, if you would like her join you for a diocesan gathering or other event.

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