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Episcopal Resources at Your Fingertips

The Episcopal Asset Map is a visual catalog that shows, at a glance and in depth, what the Church’s presence looks like in your area, in both infrastructure and programs. It was designed to support the development of new ministries and partnerships, as well as the mobilization of resources and expertise. For example, in times of disaster, users can use the Asset Map to find churches and other locations that might be at risk and nearby ministries or facilities that could be mobilized to help.  

Learn more by watching this short video of  “Sally,”  who wants to start a community garden at her church.  Follow along with Sally as she searches for help using the map, makes a new friend at a nearby congregation, starts her garden and then updates her church’s page with its new ministry.

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Working with an Interim Minister

Since 1995, Ron DelBene has served as interim rector in small, medium and large congregations for periods of six months to three years. He offers suggestions on how the altar guild can develop a companionable working relationship

Silver Care

If you do it right, and faithfully, your silver will require little or no polishing for long periods of time. Here are some of the best ways, as well as a few “Dos and Don’ts,” to preserve your silver

Growing a Sustainable Soul

Who has not experienced a deep nurturing of his or her spirit by an interaction with nature, awed at the beauty or drama of lightning and thunder, and recognized the glory and power of God? Bob Flanagan shows us how nature is a teacher in our growth process….


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